Heron LED packaging business department insists on the use of the industry's most advanced automated production equipment. The use of professional manufacture of high-quality raw materials, and the scientific standardized management methods based on a long-term, dedicated business, after years of development, now has : a LAMP LED, SMD LED (CHIP & amp; top LED) , small butterfly LED (flat and spherical) , LED display (including LED dot Matrix) and LED filament of a full range of LED Opto electronic products capacity.
The R&D team of Heron LED Packaging Division is composed of talented employees with many years of LED experience in research and development, having unique design and development skills. Having extensive experience in team management and accumulation of technical strengths, we can quickly provide customers with efficient services and high-quality affordable LED products.


LAMP LED 40KK/Months
SMD LED 60KK/Months
Little Butterfly LED 10KK/Months
LED DISPLAY 40KK(Dot)/Months


Address:Block B, Guancheng Science and Technology Park, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province




Dongguan heron Opto Co., Ltd.

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