Hiring outstanding talents is an important source for the company's sustainable development. Heron has always adhered to the talent concept of "creating brilliance together and sharing prosperity", and strives to provide a development platform for talented people to display their ambitions, realize their dreams and live a better life. Through online and offline channels, we strive to recruit the most skilful people who are passionate about the development of the electronics and opto electronics industries. The recruits would be encouraged to adapt to the company's corporate culture, meet company needs and would also have to be willing to commit to long term work with the company in the future.

Now looking for the following positions:

Department Recruitment position Job requirements Job description
Marketing Department Foreign trade clerk

1. College degree or above, English level 4 or above, proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing and able to communicate with foreign customers independently;

2. Good communication skills, ability to work under pressure, love foreign trade work;

3. Skilled in completing negotiations with customers, order follow-ups, delivery and after-sales work;

4. Familiar with foreign trade and order management process, experience in domestic and foreign exhibitions is preferred.

1. According to the company's overall foreign trade strategy, your responsibilities are to carry out customer development and management, assist in the formulation of sales plans and strategies, and achieve sales goals;

2. Assist in arranging factory orders to ensure the normal operation of all aspects of the it (technology, operation, procurement, etc.) and to complete the sales target on time;

3. Regularly pay attention to the customer payment status and provide timely feedback to your department.

4. According to the company's arrangement, participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions to explore new foreign customers;

5. Use online platforms and exhibitions to develop new customers leads.

Marketing Department Business assistant

1. Female first, college degree or above;

2. Good English, can handle English mail;

3. More than two years of work experience as a business assistant in the electronics industry;

4. Good communication skills.

1. Handle customer's sample proofing arrangement;

2. Coordinate the order delivery date;

3. Collect customer's express delivery and mail, and deal with it in time;

4. Contact and arrange customers to visit the factory for inspection;

5. The company's delivery arrangements and shipment inspection;

6. Other tasks arranged by superiors.


  • 一、Benefits

    1、Welfare policy:
       -Meals: Self-operated canteen, strictly controlled ingredients quality, safety of meals and adequate dishes supplied. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served every day. Fruits are distributed every Monday at noon;
       -Dormitory: A staff dormitory room for 2 to 4 people, hot water supply, air-conditioning;
       -Five social insurances and one housing fund: providing social insurance when you formally enter the job, the company will provide a hosing allowance after becoming a full time employee;
       -Paid annual leave: 1 to 5 days of annual leave with pay after than 3 months of employment, 5 days of annual leave with pay for after 1 to 5 years of employment, 7 days of annual leave with pay after 5 to 10 years of employment, 10 days of annual leave with pay after 10 to 20 years of employment, after more than 20 years of employment will enjoy 14 days of annual leave with pay.
       -Full attendance award: 100 yuan/month;
       -Seniority Award: 100 yuan per full year within four years of employment, 400 yuan per month for more than four years;
       -Paid marriage leave, maternity leave, sickness leave, bereavement leave;
       -Hot climate subsidy is 50 yuan per month (6 months from May to October each year);
       -Subsidies for outdoor accommodation, water and electricity subsidies for indoor accommodation and meal subsidy is 100 yuan/month;
       -Birthday gifts, marriage, baby full moon, funeral pension up to 600 yuan;
       -Year-end awards;
       -Free physical examination;
       -Travel (once a year);
       -Spring Festival car fare subsidy;
       Many other benefits 

    2、Staff activities

  • 二、Training

     1 .The company pays attention to the cultivation of talents, and all new recruits participate in the New Employee Orientation Training to enable them to have a deeper understanding of the company, allowing them integrate into the Heron family as soon as possible and adapt to their jobs.
     2?.On-the-job training from time to time to continuously enhance job skills. There are various training methods, including PPT lectures, on-site learning and individual guidance.



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